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The Geek Nanny  looked after the inbound marketing for The Internet Business School. I am able to give Lisa a very short brief and she simply got on with the job.

She understands how to bring the different elements of the digital world together – and manages the different personalities too.

Simon Coulson

Interpreneur, The Internet Business School

Lisa is a great sounding board for my ideas and strategy and her digital knowledge is first class.

When I am not sure of the steps to take, I can run my ideas by her, and get a clear plan of action.

Nick Williams

Author And Speaker on Inspired Leadership, iamnickwilliams

The second email went out literally 11 minutes ago and I’ve had more replies than I could have imagined.

Can’t decide if you’re a genius or some kind of Voodoo is going on, but I like it!

Nick Ord

Director and Owner, Red Hot Yoga

Lisa confidently took control of my social media strategy and content creation. All I needed to do was fill in a spreadsheet of my ideas, and they appeared on the web.

Her expertise not only gave me peace of mind, but also saved me hours every week, leaving me to get on with my busy day job.

Lawrence Mitchell

Coach And Lifestyle Expert, Get Raw Energy

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